Microsoft is known for its innovative technology products and services.ASP.NET is Microsoft’s middleware that is built on the .NET framework and it is the successor to Active Server Pages (ASP) and broadly used for web based application development .Web developers build dynamic websites, XML web services and powerful web applications using ASP.NET. We provide, C# with MS SQL training because dynamic applications cannot be built without database. MS SQL has also evolved over a period of time since Microsoft introduced this.

Module 1: Introduction to ASP.Net and .Net Framework :

 Web Development Technologies

 Classical ASP vs. ASP.Net

 .Net Framework and its components

 .Net Architecture

 Base class Library

 Common Language Runtime (CLR)

 .NET Assemblies

 Idea of client side scripting , XHTML, CSS, Java script & j-Query. (Practical)

Module 2:  C# Fundamentals:

 C# Fundamentals: Basic classes, declarations, conditionals, loops,

 Array, Strings, Enumerations, Structures.

 OOP in C#: Class, Object, Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism

 Exceptions and user defined exceptions and the garbage collector

 Interfaces and collections

 Delegates, and Events


 Generics basics

Windows Forms Application :

 Windows Forms: Basic windows programming: forms, component class, control class, control events, menus, status bars, tool   bars.

 Form Controls: control hierarchy, text boxes, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons , list boxes, combo boxes, etc.

 Listboxes and Menus

 Toolbars, StatusBars, TreeView & Listview

 Windows, Pages && Navigation, Data Binding with Datagrid

Web Application development:

 Web Forms

 Application Life-cycle

 Page Life Cycle

 File & Folder Management

ASP.NET Controls

 ASP: Label

 ASP: Text Box

 ASP: Button

 ASP: Dropdown List

 ASP: List Box

 ASP: Radio Button

 ASP: Hyperlink


 Required Field Validator Control

 Compare Validator Control

 Range Validator Control

 Regular Expression Validator Control

Ajax & WCF

 Using Ajax with Ajax Control Tool kit

 Using J-Query Ajax

 Using Web Services

 Using WCF

Rich Controls

 What is a rich control?

 Using basic rich controls


 Enabling / Disabling

Managing State

 Session, Cookies, View State, Hidden fields

 Roles of Web. config and Global. asax files

 Master pages and content pages

 Site Navigation

Module 5: Basics of RDBMS and SQL Server

 Creating Database objects (Table, view, procedure, triggers)

 Writings Query (Joins)

Module 6: ADO.Net

(Theory : 3 hours    Practical : 15 hours.)

 Data Access with ADO.NET

 Connected and Disconnected architecture

 Data binding with GridView, Formview

 SQLConnection, SQLCommand, SQLDataAdapter, SQLDataReader)


 Creating Login panel, user registration, Admin panel

Module 7: 3 tier architecture and concepts of MVC

 Under Standing 3 tire Architecture in .Net

 Implementing 3 tire Architecture

 Concepts of MVC

 Concepts of Entity Framework

 Creating Login panel, user registration, Admin panel, shopping cart functionalities

Seminar Presentation on Information Search and Analysis.

Module 8: Contact us

 Real Life Project

Muzaffar Ahmad

Technical Manager

Our aim is to provide crystal clear concepts and to boost programming skills of a candidates through best Live Project Training.

Mohammed Yousuf

Technical Manager

The principal goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.

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